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Actually we couldn’t be more relevant.  Every business undertakes marketing – even if it’s ‘just’ a few leaflets or a basic website.  We’ll make any marketing you’re doing more effective and  more profitable  – guaranteed.

Nope. Now is the time to ensure your marketing strategy is 100% embedded into your organisation’s culture.  And if you’ve just taken over, you’re going to need an extra pair of hands that can support you in your first 100 days, whilst also devising a strategy and plan to ensure growth in the next 100 days – and beyond.

Working with Proper Marketing will start to provide you opportunities to sell more from day one.  However, we firmly believe marketing is a process, not an event, and as such we plan to create a marketing culture inside your firm which will last long after we’ve left.

A plan of activities – with timings / costs / resources – that we manage on your behalf.  We work with your teams / employees / agencies to deliver the plan – seamlessly.  Once you have a marketing plan and activity calendar in place, we visit you monthly, report on what went before and plan what happens next.

Once the plan’s in place, we visit you as often as agreed – reporting on what’s happened, how it’s performed vs. your KPIs and what tweaks or adjustments are needed to the plan

Well, experienced marketing directors typically cost upwards of £100k.  And take about a year to find.  With Proper Marketing, you get access to a team of Marketing Directors for a fraction of that cost.  And we can be in your business within 30 days.

You’ll be left with a culture that drives and delivers measurable, manageable marketing.